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Sandra Oettel
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Sandra Oettel has specialised in solving illnesses with possible psychosomatic background: allergies of all kinds and their companions such as stomach and abdominal pain, cardiac arrhythmia and heart pain of unknown cause. Even muscle tension, back pain (e.g. herniated disc), torn muscles, knee pain, cartilage loss in the knee with arthroses of all kinds, muscle and tendon complaints, metabolic disorders can have a psychosomatic background and the treatment approaches presented here work accordingly. The treatment methods used by her to solve the problem are SO method and aura surgery

  • Advanced training at the working group for microbiological therapy, KEAC laboratory from Holland for HPU/KPU
  • Advanced training at the Mycotroph Institute in Frankfurt.
  • Successfully completed training in mycotherapy (Chinese medicinal mushrooms).
  • Since 2015 advanced training in bioidentical hormones according to the methods of Dr. Rimkus, Dr. Dr. Dr. Thomas Beck and since 2017 method bioidentical hormones of Dr. Annelie F. Scheuernstuhl.
  • From 2010 up to and including 2017 at least once a year attendance at all certificate advanced training courses with re-certification in the method of aura surgery with Gerhard F. Klügl.
  • Advanced training on microbiom (intestinal and other mucous membranes).
  • Advanced training in orthmolecular vital substances 2015 until today
  • Advanced training on Schüssler salts
  • Advanced training on Australian bush flowers (Ian White).
  • Bacteria, virus and parasite elimination according to Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Steidl.
  • Three-year advanced training in energetic healing work with The Vertical Balance.
  • 2006 – 2009: School for alternative practitioners in Frankfurt and in Kronberg with Dr. Jung.
  • 1985: First own experiences with classical homeopathy.

Sandra Oettel has been a certified aura surgeon according to Gerhard Klügl since 2012 with internships in Ruggell (Liechtenstein) and in the Appenzell region. After my own extensive practical experience I work within a classical aura surgery session according to the methods I learned from Gerhard Klügl in the years 2010 to 2017. In order to keep the aura-surgical interventions particularly effective, I pay attention to the functional standards of Mr. Gerhard Klügl and apply them successfully for my clients.

  • BioScan
  • Timewaver / Radionics
  • Nonlinear system analysis (further development of bioresonance / SCIO/OBERON)
  • NES
  • Laser Technology
  • Tachyon Energy (USA, Santa Rosa)
  • Quantum energy (matrix)
  • Working Group for Microbiological Therapy e.V. Herborn
  • Institute for Nutritional and Fungal Medicine MykoTroph AG
  • Institute for Microecology – Your specialist for microbiota and mucosa (click here)

Since the opening of my alternative practitioner practice, I see very clearly: people react completely differently to different healing methods. Therefore there is definitely no superfluous or wrong healing method! It is much more important that the client and the therapist are on the same wavelength. Because the human being needs the human being.

I take into account all levels for the healing impulse: the mind, emotional logic, the physical body and its environment.


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I have a dream

I dream of a world in which people understand each other and live happily together in prosperity. They live in emotional freedom and peace. They feel into their hearts and use their minds to make reasonable decisions for themselves and for the good of our community. You communicate fully so that everyone knows where they stand with each other. They live in financial freedom and can choose which mission they want to work for. In my dream world there are people who use their talents and abilities to improve the quality of life of another person or an entire organization or even a people. There people are healthier because they behave authentically, are accepted as they are. To be happy ambassadors for themselves, their families and the world.

Do you have anything that you cannot fully say JAAAAA to in your life?

Then get in touch! Holistic health is created on many different levels. Write me your concern, what you are about at or Whatsapp 01776020302.


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Sandra Oettel will be happy to help you find the cause of your suffering by taking a structured and down-to-earth approach as a trained alternative practitioner and experienced engineer. Together with clients unknown to her, she analyses possible causes of illness within the initial medical history. According to the current status she analyses either by means of aura analysis of the Nonlinear System Analysis or the BioScan. Directly visible causes and overarching relationships are identified and communicated to you. These will be discussed immediately in the initial anamnesis. Together with you, she will draw up an action plan that ensures a sensible and functional course correction to your health. It can be implemented by the client according to his own time schedule.


After the analysis comes the therapy. Alternative practitioner Sandra Oettel has specialized in methods of empirical medicine.

Naturopath Sandra Oettel likes to use the aura surgery according to Gerhard Klügl from Liechtenstein. She has treated thousands of people with aura surgery since 2012. She is always happy about the sometimes unbelievable successes, even with those who have been treated. The performance of aura surgery can contribute to the disappearance of permanent treatment blockages and therefore healing impulses can be better achieved by other treatment methods, e.g. physiotherapy. While still in the aura surgery session, alternative practitioner Sandra Oettel creates an individual support tool with the help of non-linear system analysis, which should also support the client at home in removing all kinds of stress (e.g. shock states). More about this.

Due to various experiences, alternative practitioner Sandra Oettel knows that the occurrence of physical illness can first occur long before in the subtle fields. Out of logic not only the body itself but also the subtle fields have to be corrected and repaired! The SO-method is a concept that has been developed further and further since 2007 and successfully applied in practice since 2012. The client is guided into his own inner source, which repairs and strengthens his entire energy system – as a result, the body is healthy because the person has become more resistant to stress. The client dissolves his blockades right in the session. Very liberating! Read more.