My child was my path to becoming a healer

Due to a serious illness of our child, which occurred immediately after birth and thus broughta blatant cut in all our lives, I was forced to find sound and sustainable solutions as quickly aspossible. At the time, I was working at T-Systems as a graduate engineer, and I was passionate about managing major IT projects.

My goal: The healthy child

My goal was: The child must become healthy, before that my mother-soul would never rest. Ittook about two years until the illness disappeared completely after what felt like 1000 consultations. Since then, my daughter, now 15 years old, has had no more symptoms and I became an alternative practitioner in 2009. This was a 180° turn in my life, as you canimagine. Even today I am still enthusiastic when I am allowed to work for children, mine isalmost grown up!

schwangerschaft was kann man tun und was nicht

The cause is not always to be found in the psyche!

If your own child is in a bad way, there is nothing worse for parents. My solutions are basedon practical experience with children, and I orientate myself on what works best for theindividual child. I am neither a psychologist nor a psychotherapist, but I support you bydiagnosing classically on a physical level with laboratories or measurements and informingthe parents what the child’s soul wants. Additionally, I apply energy medicine depending on the character of the child.

Some children come into psychotherapy – and the cause can be physical!

Unclear stomach complaints, headaches, migraines, neurodermatitis, asthma and otherphysical complaints can quickly slip into the psychosomatic realm. The best known issues ofour time are divorce or school stress. If the physician simply cannot determine a concretefinding. What else should he do if he finds nothing? Physical complaints can not only becaused by past experiences, but also by poisons from the environment such as toys orfurniture and other hidden triggers. Especially parasites, fungi and worms that cannot befound in the laboratory can even have a psychological effect on the child’s organism via theirmetabolic products left in the body and can even cause tantrums, freak out, fears and sadnessas well as depression. In any case, it is worth taking a look out of my glasses if you have not yet made any progress with your child at the doctor or psychotherapist. Now look at the causeof your child’s discomfort!

Examples of use for children and adolescents

If you have experienced a separation from your partner, this is painful for everyone involved. School stress also causes self-doubt in some children. They think of themselves as stupid, because they think they cannot meet the requirements of school. In both cases, the childrensuffer especially from this, even if it is not obvious to them at first. Some become sad overtime, develop tiredness or lack of concentration at school. Some become extremelyintroverted and are no longer responsive to their parents. Some suffer silently. Some developfears that seem “unfounded” to parents and other outsiders. Some children refuse to go toschool. Here too I was able to help. Because there is nothing without a reason. In therapy, your child’s subconscious tells me what the problem shown is really about. After the therapy, your child will most likely be in its center again and feel safe and comfortable again. Contactme today at and tell me about your case in order to provide relief foryou and your child.

If your child has been classified by his or her own family and school environment as restlessand perhaps even as a troublemaker, this can be unpleasant for the parents for various reasons. I work – according to need – on the levels of body psychotherapy with kinesiology or bio-feedback as well as with laser therapy and painting as well as music. In addition, your childreceives gentle medicine from nature and I check whether he or she might suffer fromparasites or worms. This is often the case today and can make sure that children are out ofcontrol! The child’s subconscious tells me what the problem shown is really about, what itwants to show its parents and its environment. Just through the mutual true understanding foreach other, why and for what purpose we do something FOR each other, the healing impulsesbegin to take effect and the relationship improves in the family. Take the first step and contactus today at 

I was able to successfully help several children and even infants with difficult and inoperable bone fractures, growth or tendon problems. With the help of homeopathy, Australian bushflowers and aura surgery, the toddlers, according to their parents’ reports, soon felt better.

Sleep disorders in children can have many causes. I examine the child and its entireenvironment with you. Shock experiences of the child, for example through the birth, and also other negative experiences can be erased with the help of Australian bush flowers, classicalhomeopathy or SO method.

There is nothing more unpleasant for children than to confess to their parents that they wet thebed. Help your child with aura surgery and Australian bush flowers!

A mother contacted me because of an open cleft palate in her 3 month old infant, which couldbe permanently resolved by aura surgery, the baby did not need surgery. Make the impossiblepossible for your child and write me.

What is elementary important for babies, toddlers and children when they travel to far awaycountries (Bali, India), you will learn in my practice.

Clamp monkeys” learn to go their own way. Parents breathe a sigh of relief when the childfeels more comfortable and reacts more openly to their playmates. Here I have often beenable to help with Australian bush flowers and the SO method.

Children need children – and lots of love

Field report of a “formerly” afflicted mother

Hello dear Sandra!

We’re fine. Marcus has his ups and downs, but in general I think it’s getting better and hisfreak outs are not so long. I don’t mind the tantrums at the moment. I am slowly learning todeal with them. He took an IQ test. He scored above average in certain areas. He just doesn’tdo things the way most kids his age do. The change in diet was very difficult for him, but ithas levelled off in the meantime. When should I get in touch again?

Best regards,