Intestinal structure strengthens the immune system

How do I recognize a weakened immune system in the intestine, mouth, vagina or urethra? Here
are the most important: headache, abdominal pain, itching on the skin and in the skin folds,
hemorrhoids, diarrhea or constipation, overweight or underweight. In times of the Corona Virus we
need to protect ourselves with a strong immune system.
In many chronic diseases (nasal sinuses, allergies, intestinal diseases, sepsis (this is blood
poisoning), the accompanying medical therapy (antibiotics, e.g. Unacid) automatically damages all
the mucous membranes of the body in the shortest time (in my case, it was only 5 days!). If the
mucous membranes are damaged, the body is no longer protected – because the mucous
membrane has the task of protecting our body from environmental pollution. As a result, the
immune system got weaker, the person gets sick faster or even repeatedly. That nutrients can no
longer be absorbed correctly. In many diseases, improper diets and especially stress due to
excessive demands and simultaneous events, the intestinal environment will automatically be
damaged (see study with rats).
As a result, the consume of nutrients is not as possible as before. The longtime consequence is ,
vital metabolic processes can no longer take place and people get sick. Under an intestinal
structure or intestinal rehabilitation , my understanding is , the reconstruction of e.g. intestinal
flora disturbed by disease. Because our healthy intestinal flora consists of several million
microorganisms (intestinal bacteria), which must have a certain relationship to each other. If the
quantity ratio is not correct, than it can easily lead to deepened immune system weakness, weight
loss or obesity, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, pain around the navel and other symthoms.
The most important task of the Intestinal bacteria is the defense of pathogens .
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How can intestinal cleansing work?

With a special microbiological therapy (there are many different tools), the bacterial balance in the
intestine can be restored. In this way, a healthy intestinal environment can be rebuilt, which the
alternative practitioner generally calls intestinal cleansing. In my practice, intestinal rehabilitation is
not only done with probiotics. Probiotics contain bacteria that helps the intestine to restore the
optimal bacterial balance and use it for themselves.
With an imbalance, what is called intestinal dysbiosis, the healthy bacteria can be reduced. The
bacteria ingested via probiotics accumulate in the intestine and multiply, so after a while a normal,
i.e. healthy, intestinal environment can develop again. I also recommend foods that can
strengthen your intestines and show you everyday exercises to protect your intestinal bacteria.

What effect can probiotics have, e.g. on microbiota and mucous membrane

Probiotics can have the following effects:
Reinforcing the barrier function of mucous membranes, not just the intestinal mucosa
Immune system strengthening in general (e.g. allergies)
Candida infections (mouth, intestines, vagina)
Stomach pain (gastritis)
Symptoms of lactose intolerance can be reduced
Infectious diarrhea
Skin diseases (e.g. neurodermatitis)
All kinds of allergies
Chronic constipation (constipation)
Small and large bowel diseases (such as diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome)
chronic sinus infections, urinary tract infections
Side effects of antibiotics is the destruction of the natural distribution of bacteria

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